The Opportunity

Dear Soon-To-Be Business Transfer Entrepreneur,

Welcome to the lucrative and exciting world of Business Transfer Consulting. Business Transfer Consulting has been making people in this “niche” industry very wealthy. Simply put – a business transfer consultant helps business owners to sell a business and assist organizations and individuals to find businesses to buy – while being handsomely rewarded for bringing these business buyer’s and seller’s together (accomplishment fee can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and profiling fee’s can range from $1,500 to $15,000.)

People from all walks of life dream of owning a successful business. You probably can recall friends or acquaintances who talk excitedly about how they would love to own a business someday. We all have, and I am sure that you have, too. A properly positioned business transfer consultant can become an integral part of the acquisition goals of a person or a businesses looking to expand through acquisition. Focus on any industry and target your potential!

You read news headlines about a business being sold for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. These are the “big” news-making deals of business transfers. But, there are also tens of thousands of business transfers that never make the front page. Business sellers of all kinds and sizes need the help of a business transfer consultant to package the business (Business Profile) and find their buyer and put these people together in a timely manner- your inventory list covers every conceivable type of business.

At this moment, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses for sale right in your state. These are the “bread-and-butter” businesses that make up 95% of the market (known in the business as the “middle market”), with market values ranging from $200,000 to $50,000,000.

Imagine receiving a check for $140,000 and more as an accomplishment fee for bringing a qualified business seller and buyer together. One $1,400,000 middle market business transfer fee can change your life! This is the kind of real money that a successful business transfer consultant can earn – multiple times a year! I have trained brokers who have earned over $750,000 in one closing.

The business in the middle market is where you will find your best money-making deals. That is, once you learn the secrets and follow the proven instructions found in our unique business program we like to call The Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting.

As you learn how to find, profile and complete a successful business ownership transfer with companies that have a middle market value, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

Charles McGlaughin, who operated a successful Business Brokerage Company for over 50 years in New York, told me during one of my many lunches with him at the Waldorf in New York, " Of all the businesses which I have been involved with over the past 50 years, I am in the best business of all" he would say, “I earn fees selling other people’s successes, and I never have any financial risk” … business transfer work, sometimes called business brokerage, it is a dream business for those who can learn the hidden steps and approaches that bring business sellers and business buyers together under controlled conditions.

You can establish your Business Transfer Consulting practice easily out of your home or expand your current practice! Business Transfer Consulting doesn’t require you to have an office, staff or specialized equipment. Many consultants find that all they need to make money is a phone, an internet connection, business cards and my system.

As your own boss – you determine when you work, where you work and how long you work. You have complete control of your success and life! My suggestion would be to set aside about an hour per day to do your research and marketing. A six-figure accomplishment fee from ONE successful transfer is possible!

As you learn the science and art of business networking along with the secrets of Business Transfer Consulting, you will have the power to build an exciting long term business! Imagine your lifestyle when you are doing something you love, all while living on your own terms and still bringing in large sums of cash. This is usually something most people only dream about.

Yes! Everything you need is within your reach. Purchase the Become a Business Broker program today for only $494.95 and establish your practice tonight!

You’ll be in high demand because there are tens of thousands of businesses for sale at this very moment. In fact, there are 25 million businesses in the middle market. There are very few skilled business transfer consultants. This means you can have endless opportunities as a Business Transfer Consultant, as new buyers enter the market and sellers exit.

You don’t need to be an “Accounting, Financial or Legal Professional” to be successful. To be successful, you need a system, knowledge of procedures, the ability to research – the edge you’ll get through the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting. By learning how to find opportunities, make presentations, and offer proposals, you will have the specialized knowledge and tools needed to become a successful transfer consultant.

In fact, my program will show you how to generate $2,000, $5,000, even $15,000 before you even sell one business…

Case History: Fred Thompson earned $160,000 From one client (accomplishment fee) Fred Thompson made $160,000 from just one client during his FIRST DEAL as a Business Transfer Consultant and you could too. While working at his 9-to-5 job, Fred started to build his business transfer practice following steps like those you’ll find in the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting. Within a few months of starting his consulting practice, Fred met Jack McDaniel, a 62-year-old business owner, who wanted to retire by selling his machine shop valued at respectable $1.9 Million. Fred immediately went to work tracking down a buyer and found the perfect buyer for the business by following procedures explained in our program. The business sold, Mr. McDaniel retired and Fred received a check for $160,000 just for helping Mr. McDaniel find a buyer.

This is a triple-win business. Everybody wins. The seller who wanted to sell, got his business sold; the buyer who wanted to buy found his dream opportunity and the broker who purchased his business brokerage system and program from Frank Covich, paid off his house and kicked off a career that made him millions.

Unlimited income potential in business transfer consulting.

Just think about it: The sooner you begin investing in yourself, learning about this great opportunity while discovering your entrepreneurial strengths and leveraging your knowledge … the sooner you’ll be able to experience your vision of success.

If you’re ready to unleash your potential, discover your strengths and experience the exciting world of business transfer consulting, then you will want to accept this very special invitation I’ve prepared for you.

More than 25 years of experience Brought To You In One Startup Program. Quite frankly, there is no other program that comes close to the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting. I have combined more than 25 years of practical real-world experience in my program. To give you the knowledge and information needed to become a Business Transfer Consultant.

Expand your earning potential This is, after all, an opportunity to learn a new and invaluable skill you’ll have for life – something you can use any time you like to generate income, as you need it. But, it’s also an opportunity to take back your life again and enjoy a level of freedom and independence very few people get to have these days.

What’s that worth to you? What’s the cost of this lifetime of knowledge organized for your benefit?

If the information you’ll learn in the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting was available at any school, it would cost you thousands of dollars to attend. But, the reality is this information is not taught in schools, and buying an franchise business brokerage training program, just to learn the process, would cost more than $25,000 and a lifetime of franchise rules and regulations…and fee’s back to the franchiser. So, if you’re ready to expand your practice, start a new at home business, or “enter into” a lifestyle that’s richer, freer, and infinitely more rewarding … Purchase the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting today.


Frank Covich

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