Become A Business Broker, System Components

The complete set of files in the "Become A Business Broker" program.
The cost of the Accelerated Program for Business Transfer Consulting is just $495, which includes the educational materials which you will review to get started. You will also get pointers and methods on how to find clients, forms for startup agreements and scripts to engage and secure business relationships. This is the core of the NAIBB $15,000 program as featured for years in the publication 101 Best Business to Start By Doubleday. This system has helped build some of the finest brokerage businesses in America.
You'll get 9 segments of Startup, Marketing and Operating Tools Including master agreements, marketing handouts and examples of Business Profiles.
Here's an overview of the program:
  1. Introduction:
    • What is business brokerage overview.
    • The broker's art, key steps in the business transfer process.
    • Marketing business brokerage services.
    • Selling business opportunities.
    • Methods for valuing a business.
    • Startup checklist and managing your practice.
    • Glossary of terms.
  2. The Marketing Kit:
    • Sample letters for generating business.
    • Master copies of marketing handouts and mail pieces to build your practice.
  3. Agreements: Scripts and Master Agreements
    • Use in building your business relationship with business sellers and business buyers.
  4. Three Master Handouts
    • Careers for sale.
    • When it's time to sell your business.
    • The next step -- handout for acquisitions.
  5. Example Profile
    • Earn fees developing a profile of a client business for sale. A very valuable handout.
  6. Buying a Business
    • An extensive handout and consulting tool to give to buyers.
  7. Example Hot Sheets
    • Example and guides to one page overviews of business for sale situations, the "front end" to networking and presenting your business for sale opportunites.
  8. Meeting Checklist and Telephone Techniques
    • Critical reminders and guides to business seller communications.
  9. Example Closing Statement
    • A guide to organizing the assets in a transaction.

    All for ONLY $495!

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    Bebizbroker program is offered in Alliance with NAIBB: The National Association of Independent Business Brokers.

    The Business Brokerage Education system teaches you the science and art of business transfer consulting. You may present yourself as a member of the NAIBB but never as its employee or representative.
    Some states require that a business broker become a real estate broker, and if that is the case in your situation it is your responsibility to comply. Documents and scripts may be altered as you desire. Your agreements with individual people will be entirely between you and the parties within the contract. We assume no liability for changes in any laws for the reason that we are only providing a focus and general framework either for establishing a business or expanding your present situation into the various activities related to working with business sellers and business buyers.
    Should you enter into an agreement it is recommended that you review it with an attorney for any additional terms as appropriate. When you purchase our education system you agree that you are an independent business person who will abide by all local state and federal laws regarding your business ventures. You also agree not to copy and distribute/sell the trademarked materials which you are licensed to use. You also agree never to sell any of our materials as a system to any party without written permission of the NAIBB